Fedora on an Acer C720P Chromebook

Yes, you are reading correctly: I decided to buy a freacking Chromebook. I really needed a lightweight notebook with me for my daily hackings while waiting for my subway station, and this one seemed to be the best option available when comparing models and prices. To be fair, and before you throw me rocks, I visited the LibreBoot X60’s website for some time, because I was strongly considering buying one (even considering its weight); however, they did not have it in stock, and I did not want to wait anymore, so…

Being Permissive, the new Popular

This post is massively inspired by a post in the gnu-prog-discuss mailing list. This is a closed list of the GNU Project, and only GNU maintainers and contributors can join, so I cannot put a link to the original message (by Mike Gerwitz), but this topic is being discussed over and over again at many places, so you will not have trouble finding similar opinions. I am also “responding” to a recent discussion that I had with Luiz Izidoro, which is a “friend” (as he himself likes to say) of the LibrePlanet São Paulo group.

Zeladores da Coerência

Sei que ainda estou devendo um post sobre minha participação no FISL 15, mas o tempo anda meio curto pra falar tudo o que eu quero. Tenho decidido falar de maneira mais “picada”, até pra não fazer o texto ficar muito chato. E esse post aqui é sobre um comportamento que vejo há algum tempo, mas que foi exacerbado por conta do debate sobre a suposta morte do movimento Software Livre no Brasil.