GDB and SystemTap integration improving linker-debugger interface

It is really nice to see something you did in a project influence in future features and developments. I always feel happy and proud when I notice such scenarios happening, and this time was no different. Gary Benson, a colleague at Red Hat who works in the GDB team as well, has implemented a way of improving the interface between the linker and the debugger, and one of the things he used to achieve this is the GDB <-> SystemTap integration that I implemented with Tom Tromey 2 years ago. Neat!


So long, Ambassadors...

No, I am not leaving the Fedora Project, I am just leaving (or taking a break, depending on how you look) its Ambassadors program. I am still the co-maintainer of the GDB package, and will contribute to the development of the distribution since it is also my job. However, after a few months trying to become more involved with the Fedora community (specifically with the Brazilian/LATAM community), I became so disappointed that the only logical action for me now is to step back.


Document Freedom Day 2013 in Campinas -- São Paulo -- Brazil

Hi, there! This is the report of the Document Freedom Day event that took place in Campinas, São Paulo state, Brazil. I will talk a little bit about how we (keep reading to know who "we" are!) organized it, and the conclusions that can be drawn to help for the next edition.


Relato dos Install Fests na UNESP de Rio Claro/SP e na UNICAMP/SP

E... Aqui estamos (estou?) com mais um relato sobre duas atividades envolvendo o Projeto Fedora! Ele contempla, respectivamente, os Install Fests ocorridos na UNESP de Rio Claro/SP e na UNICAMP. Foram atividades que envolveram diversas pessoas, tiveram vitórias e derrotas, alegrias e tristezas, mas acima de tudo um sentimento de impotência (principalmente no Install Fest ocorrido na UNICAMP) em relação às novas "tecnologias" de boot, principalemente ao Secure Boot.


Bye bye, Juvia!

Once upon a time, there was a guy who cared about what other people could say about what he was writing on his blog. Well, like all fairy tales, this one also has a happy ending!


Misunderstanding the Free Software Philosophy

This will probably be one of those controversial posts, but I really cannot just be silent about a behaviour that I am constantly seeing around me.


[ANÚNCIO] Criação do grupo LibrePlanet São Paulo!

Olá a todos!

Finalmente consegui um pouco de tempo na minha agenda, e resolvi escrever no blog para anunciar a criação do grupo LibrePlanet São Paulo!


Relato da Apresentação sobre o GDB no SoLiSC 2012

Nesta última sexta-feira, dia 30/11/2012, estive presente na sétima edição do SoLiSC 2012, em Florianópolis, para apresentar uma palestra introdutória sobre o GDB. Este é um relato sobre minha particição no evento :-).


HEADS UP: Comment system is offline temporarily

Hi there. This little post is just a heads about an issue that I am facing with the comment system that I run. Unfortunately, you will not be able to post comments on the blog until, at least, next Wednesday (November 21).

For those of you wondering which comment system I use, it is called Juvia. Due to privacy concerns, I chose not to use anything like Disqus because it tracks you and your comments (read their privacy policy if you want more details). On the other hand, Juvia runs on my private personal server, and does not collect any kind of personal information when you make a comment. The cons of this approach is that when my personal server is down (like now), the blog doesn't have comments. But that's a minor price to pay for the respect of privacy, I think.

Anyway, I hope to have the comments back online next week. Until there, I plan to continue making posts here, so save your comments for some time!


GDB and SystemTap Probes -- part 3

Hi everybody :-).

I finally got some time to finish this series of posts, and I hope you like the overall result. For those of you who are reading this blog for the first time, you can access the first post here, and the second here.

My goal with this third post is to talk a little bit about how you can use the SDT probes with tracepoints inside GDB. Maybe this particular feature will not be so helpful to you, but I recommend reading the post either way. I will also give a brief explanation about how the SDT probes are laid out inside the binary. So, let's start!




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