New blog, new links

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I know I haven’t posted in a while, but I’d like to let my readers (who!?) know that I’ve switched my blog’s engine to Hugo. Along with that change, there are also changes to post URLs (no more dates, only the post name; but see below) and also a change to the en_us tag: eventually, I will stop posting things under it and start posting solely under english. If you’re subscribed to the en_us RSS/ATOM feed, please update it accordingly.

The old URLs should still work because they’re being redirected to the correct path now (thanks, mod_rewrite). Either way, if you have bookmarked some old post URL I’d suggest that you update it.

Other than that, everything should be “the same” (TM). I’m posting from Emacs (using ox-hugo), and made quite a cool setup with Sourcehut in order to automatically publish posts when I push them to the git repo. Hm, his would actually be a good topic for a post…

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