HEADS UP: Comment system is offline temporarily


Hi there. This little post is just a heads about an issue that I am facing with the comment system that I run. Unfortunately, you will not be able to post comments on the blog until, at least, next Wednesday (November 21).

For those of you wondering which comment system I use, it is called Juvia. Due to privacy concerns, I chose not to use anything like Disqus because it tracks you and your comments (read their privacy policy if you want more details). On the other hand, Juvia runs on my private personal server, and does not collect any kind of personal information when you make a comment. The cons of this approach is that when my personal server is down (like now), the blog doesn't have comments. But that's a minor price to pay for the respect of privacy, I think.

Anyway, I hope to have the comments back online next week. Until there, I plan to continue making posts here, so save your comments for some time!