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Memory mappings, core dumps, GDB and Linux

After spending the last weeks struggling with this, I decided to write a blog post. First, what is “this” that you are talking about? The answer is: Linux kernel's concept of memory mapping. I found it utterly confused, beyond my expectations, and so I believe that a blog post is the write way to (a) preserve and (b) share this knowledge. So, let's do it!


Respectful Software

To what extent should Free Software respect its users?

The question, strange as it may sound, is not only valid but also becoming more and more important these days. If you think that the four freedoms are enough to guarantee that the Free Software will respect the user, you are probably being oversimplistic. The four freedoms are essential, but they are not sufficient. You need more. I need more. And this is why I think the Free Software movement should have been called the Respectful Software movement.


Fedora on an Acer C720P Chromebook

Yes, you are reading correctly: I decided to buy a freacking Chromebook. I really needed a lightweight notebook with me for my daily hackings while waiting for my subway station, and this one seemed to be the best option available when comparing models and prices. To be fair, and before you throw me rocks, I visited the LibreBoot X60's website for some time, because I was strongly considering buying one (even considering its weight); however, they did not have it in stock, and I did not want to wait anymore, so...

Anyway, as one might expect, configuring GNU/Linux on notebooks is becoming harder as time goes by, either because the infamous Secure Boot (anti-)feature, or because they come with more and more devices that demand proprietary crap to be loaded. But fortunately, it is still possible to overcome most of those problems and still get a GNU/Linux distro running.


Reflexões de um ativista -- Parte 02

Ainda não sei se estou preparado pra enfrentar a segunda parte dessa "série", mas também não adianta fugir... O que eu sei é que essas reflexões podem não ser condizentes com a realidade (ou com a sua realidade), e que talvez eu esteja exagerando (ou aliviando) nas minhas observações, mas em todo caso eu espero que seja possível para você, querido leitor, traçar alguns paralelos com o seu modo de ver o mundo, e, quem sabe, mudar algo na sua região.


About coherence, Twitter, and the Free Software Foundation

The Free Software Foundation has a Twitter account. Surprised? So am I, in a negative way, of course. And I will explain why on this post.

You may not agree with me on everything I write here, and I am honestly expecting some opposition, but I would like to make it crystal clear that my purpose is to raise awareness for the most important "feature" an organization should have: coherence.


Reflexões de um ativista -- Parte 01

Nesse último fim de semana, durante os dias 20 e 21 de Setembro (sexta-feira e sábado, respectivamente), ocorreram dois eventos sobre Software Livre na UNICAMP. Um deles, o Upstream, foi um "evento teste" que ajudei a organizar junto com o Cascardo e o Leonardo Garcia, ambos do LTC/IBM. O outro, o Software Freedom Day (SFD), eu organizei em nome do LibrePlanet São Paulo. Durante os dois eventos (e principalmente durante o SFD) eu fiquei pensando e refletindo bastante sobre vários assuntos relacionados (ou não) com o Software Livre. Resolvi, então, aproveitar a oportunidade e escrever um pouco sobre essas opiniões.


Relato: FAD SP 2013

Estava devendo este post há 1 semana pro meu amigo Leonardo Vaz! Desculpaê, Leo :-).

Vou tentar fazer um (breve?) relato sobre o Fedora Activity Day (ou simplesmente FAD), que aconteceu em São Paulo no dia 1 de Junho de 2013, mais conhecido como sábado retrasado :-). Se quiser ver a página de organização do evento (em inglês), clique neste link aqui.


GDB and SystemTap integration improving linker-debugger interface

It is really nice to see something you did in a project influence in future features and developments. I always feel happy and proud when I notice such scenarios happening, and this time was no different. Gary Benson, a colleague at Red Hat who works in the GDB team as well, has implemented a way of improving the interface between the linker and the debugger, and one of the things he used to achieve this is the GDB <-> SystemTap integration that I implemented with Tom Tromey 2 years ago. Neat!


So long, Ambassadors...

No, I am not leaving the Fedora Project, I am just leaving (or taking a break, depending on how you look) its Ambassadors program. I am still the co-maintainer of the GDB package, and will contribute to the development of the distribution since it is also my job. However, after a few months trying to become more involved with the Fedora community (specifically with the Brazilian/LATAM community), I became so disappointed that the only logical action for me now is to step back.


Document Freedom Day 2013 in Campinas -- São Paulo -- Brazil

Hi, there! This is the report of the Document Freedom Day event that took place in Campinas, São Paulo state, Brazil. I will talk a little bit about how we (keep reading to know who "we" are!) organized it, and the conclusions that can be drawn to help for the next edition.




I am also on

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